11 Underrated Vocaloid Songs

11 Underrated Vocaloid Songs: Gems You Missed

11 Underrated Vocaloid Songs: Gems You Missed

Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts! It’s TBone here from Level Tunes, your go-to DJ and music aficionado.

Today, I’m super excited to share something a little different with you all – a list of 11 underrated Vocaloid songs. If you’re not familiar, Vocaloid is this incredible technology that uses voice synthesizers to create music, and it’s been a game-changer in the music world.

I decided to dive into this unique genre because I believe these tracks deserve way more attention. They’re not just technically impressive; they’re also emotionally captivating.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Vocaloid fan or new to the scene, get ready to explore some hidden gems that are sure to add an extra beat to your playlist! Let’s get started and uncover these musical treasures together.

Here are the Underrated Vocaloid songs that you can check out:

List Of Underrated Vocaloid Songs

Underrated Vocaloid songs in a list format:

1. “Nephna~ Calla Soiled feat. Hatsune Miku”

This song, featuring the iconic Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, stands out for its haunting melody and intricate composition. While I couldn’t find the specific album or record label details, the song’s unique blend of electronic and traditional elements makes it a must-listen. It’s a perfect example of how Vocaloid music can transcend genres and create something truly unique.

2. Song by mikito-p

Mikito-p is known for their diverse range of Vocaloid music, often exploring themes and sounds that are not mainstream. One of their songs caught my attention for its deep lyrical content and compelling melody. The exact details of the album and release year are unclear, but mikito-p’s work generally showcases the versatility of Vocaloid as a medium for storytelling.

3. “Lovely – ze // miku”

This track is a hidden gem in the Vocaloid universe. The collaboration between ze and Miku brings a fresh and energetic vibe. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it an underrated pick for any Vocaloid playlist. Again, specific album and label details are elusive, but the song’s quality speaks for itself.

4. “Ghost parade – muship // miku”

Muship’s collaboration with Miku in “Ghost Parade” creates a mesmerizing auditory experience. The song’s ethereal sound, combined with Miku’s vocal prowess, results in a track that’s both haunting and beautiful. It’s a testament to the creative possibilities of Vocaloid music.

5. “Mint – ATOLS // miku”

ATOLS’ “Mint” is a refreshing and vibrant track that showcases Miku’s versatility. The song’s electronic beats and catchy melody make it a standout track that deserves more recognition. It’s a great example of how Vocaloid music can be both fun and artistically rich.

6. “Scheveningen- pinocchiop // miku”

Pinocchiop’s work with Miku on “Scheveningen” is a brilliant display of creativity. The song’s unique sound and experimental approach highlight the endless possibilities within the Vocaloid genre. It’s a track that challenges the conventional and offers something new to the listeners.

7. “Hardworking Bitch”

This song, while I couldn’t find the artist’s name, is a bold and empowering track. Its title alone suggests a departure from typical Vocaloid themes, offering a more edgy and assertive tone. The song’s strong message and dynamic composition make it a standout track in the Vocaloid repertoire.

8. “ARTICUTION/A Magician’s Confession”

This song’s intriguing title hints at a story-driven composition. The blend of magical themes with Vocaloid technology creates a captivating listening experience. The artist’s name and album details are not specified, but the song’s imaginative concept is enough to pique any listener’s interest.


“OVER DOSE” is a powerful track that seems to delve into more intense and possibly darker themes. The lack of specific details about the artist and album adds a layer of mystery to the song, making it an intriguing addition to any Vocaloid collection.

10. “Anata ni Dakaretai”

This song’s title translates to “I Want to Be Held by You,” suggesting a more emotional and intimate theme. The artist and album details are not clear, but the song’s title alone indicates a departure from typical Vocaloid themes, exploring more human emotions and experiences.

11. “The Melancholy of Detective Yowane

Haku” This song tells a story, as suggested by its title, focusing on the character Yowane Haku. The narrative-driven approach makes it a unique piece in the Vocaloid world. The details about the artist, album, and release year might be obscure, but the song’s storytelling aspect is a compelling reason to give it a listen. It showcases how Vocaloid music can be used to create not just songs, but stories and characters that resonate with the audience.

Fun Facts: Underrated Vocaloid Songs

“Nephna~ Calla Soiled feat. Hatsune Miku”

  • Virtual Idol Meets Traditional Sounds: This song is a beautiful blend of Hatsune Miku’s synthesized voice with traditional Japanese music elements, showcasing the versatility of Vocaloid in crossing cultural and musical boundaries.

Song by mikito-p

  • A Storyteller’s Craft: Mikito-p is renowned for their storytelling through music. Their songs often feature complex narratives and characters, making them more like musical short stories than just simple songs.

“Lovely – ze // miku”

  • Energetic Collaboration: The collaboration between ze and Miku in “Lovely” is noted for its high energy and catchy tune, demonstrating how Vocaloid music can be both lively and emotionally resonant.

“Ghost parade – muship // miku”

  • Ethereal and Haunting: “Ghost Parade” is known for its hauntingly beautiful melody. It’s a great example of how Vocaloid can be used to create an atmosphere that’s both eerie and captivating.

“Mint – ATOLS // miku”

  • Refreshing and Upbeat: “Mint” by ATOLS is a song that stands out for its refreshing and upbeat sound. It’s a testament to how Vocaloid music can be tailored to create a variety of moods and styles.

“Scheveningen- pinocchiop // miku”

  • Experimental Sounds: Pinocchiop is known for their experimental approach to music, and “Scheveningen” is no exception. This song is a mix of various musical styles, showcasing the experimental and innovative side of Vocaloid music.

“Hardworking Bitch”

  • Bold and Empowering: This song’s title and theme are a bold departure from more traditional Vocaloid songs. It’s known for its empowering message, resonating particularly with listeners who appreciate more assertive and strong themes in music.

“ARTICUTION/A Magician’s Confession”

  • Magical and Mysterious: The song’s magical theme is a unique aspect in the Vocaloid genre. It’s a perfect example of how Vocaloid music can transport listeners to a world of fantasy and imagination.


  • Intense and Thought-Provoking: “OVER DOSE” is known for its intense theme and thought-provoking lyrics. It’s a song that challenges listeners to think deeper about the messages conveyed through music.

“Anata ni Dakaretai”

  • Emotional Depth: The translation of the title, “I Want to Be Held by You,” hints at the emotional depth of this song. It’s a beautiful example of how Vocaloid music can explore complex human emotions.

“The Melancholy of Detective Yowane Haku”

  • Character-Driven Narrative: This song is unique for its focus on the character Yowane Haku, a popular figure in the Vocaloid community. It’s a great example of how Vocaloid music can be used to build and explore character narratives.

And there you have it, folks – a journey through the lesser-known yet absolutely fascinating world of Vocaloid music. These songs are just the tip of the iceberg, so dive in, explore, and let your musical horizons expand. Remember, there’s always a new melody waiting to be discovered in the vast universe of Vocaloid

Thanks for reading.


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