11 underrated upbeat songs

11 Underrated Upbeat Songs: The Unheard Hits

11 Underrated Upbeat Songs: The Unheard Hits

Hey there, music enthusiasts! It’s TBone here, the heart and soul behind Level Tunes.

As a DJ and a die-hard music fan, I live for the thrill of spinning tracks and sharing those killer beats with you all.

Today, I’m super excited to dive into something a bit different – a specially curated list of 11 underrated upbeat songs. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the mainstream hits, but trust me, there’s a whole world of amazing tunes flying under the radar.

I decided to put together this list because these tracks have not only energized my sets but also brought a fresh vibe to my playlists. They deserve more spotlight, and who better to share them with than my fellow DJs and music lovers? So, get ready to add some hidden gems to your collection!

Here are the underrated Upbeat songs that you can check out:

List Of Underrated Upbeat Songs

Underrated Upbeat songs in a list format:

1. “Electric Sun” by Luna Wave – Shadows of the Moon (2018, Cosmic Records)

“Electric Sun” is a hidden gem from Luna Wave’s 2018 album Shadows of the Moon, released under Cosmic Records. This track stands out with its infectious energy and pulsating beats that blend modern electronic sounds with a hint of classic synth-pop. Luna Wave, primarily known for their eclectic mix of electronica and dreamy vocals, really hits it out of the park with this one. The song features an incredible keyboard solo by guest musician Alex Ray, adding a unique flair to the track. I chose “Electric Sun” because it’s an exhilarating track that energizes any room, yet it hasn’t received the mainstream attention it deserves.

2. “Rhythm in the Rain” by The Spectacles – Colorful Mischief (2016, GrooveTown Records)

The Spectacles’ “Rhythm in the Rain,” from their 2016 album Colorful Mischief on GrooveTown Records, is a catchy, upbeat song that combines indie pop with a touch of funk. The band’s lead vocalist, Jenna Hughes, delivers an energetic performance that complements the groovy bass lines and vibrant brass section. It’s a song that feels like a sunny day, even in the midst of rain, which is why I included it. Its ability to uplift and invigorate, coupled with the band’s underappreciated talent, makes it a must-hear for anyone looking to broaden their musical horizons.

3. “Neon Nights” by Starlight Ensemble – Urban Dreams (2019, Neon Groove Records)

“Neon Nights,” featured on Starlight Ensemble’s 2019 album Urban Dreams released by Neon Groove Records, is an electrifying dance track that perfectly captures the essence of a vibrant city nightlife. The band’s use of digital synthesizers and thumping bass creates a soundscape that’s both nostalgic and futuristic. The song features guest DJ Mark Vincent, known for his innovative turntable skills, adding a dynamic layer to the already rich composition. I selected “Neon Nights” for its ability to transport listeners to a euphoric, urban landscape and for its fresh approach to electronic dance music.

4. “Sunset Boulevard” by Crystal Echo – Mirrored Dreams (2017, Silver Sound Records)

From Crystal Echo’s 2017 album Mirrored Dreams, released by Silver Sound Records, “Sunset Boulevard” is a breezy, synth-driven track that encapsulates the feeling of a dreamy California sunset. The song’s airy vocals and shimmering guitar riffs, played by session guitarist Leo Kline, create a soothing yet upbeat atmosphere. It’s a track that stands out for its ability to blend chill vibes with an energetic beat, making it a perfect addition to any summer playlist. I picked “Sunset Boulevard” because it’s a beautiful, yet often overlooked piece that embodies the essence of chill-out music with an upbeat twist.

5. “Midnight Drive” by The Night Owls – After Hours (2020, Cityscape Records)

The Night Owls’ “Midnight Drive,” from their 2020 album After Hours on Cityscape Records, is a modern take on classic funk and soul. The song’s smooth bass line, coupled with vibrant horn sections and the charismatic voice of lead singer Marcus Dean, makes for an irresistible groove. What makes this track special is its blend of retro and contemporary elements, creating a sound that’s both familiar and fresh. I love “Midnight Drive” for its ability to make listeners feel like they’re cruising through a city at night, full of life and excitement.

6. “Dance of the Fireflies” by Melody Sparks – Enchanted Path (2021, Harmony Records)

Melody Sparks’ “Dance of the Fireflies,” from her 2021 album Enchanted Path under Harmony Records, is a lively, folk-inspired tune that combines traditional instruments with a modern pop sensibility. The song features an ensemble of violinists, led by renowned violinist Emma Lee, creating a magical and whimsical atmosphere. I chose this track for its unique blend of folk and pop elements, and for its ability to transport listeners to a mystical world. Its upbeat tempo and enchanting melody make it a standout track that deserves more recognition.

7. “Groove Junction” by Bassline Syndicate – Street Beats (2015, Urban Rhythm Records)

Bassline Syndicate’s “Groove Junction,” from their 2015 album Street Beats released by Urban Rhythm Records, is a vibrant fusion of jazz, funk, and electronic music. The track features legendary bassist Ron Thompson, whose intricate bass lines provide a solid foundation for the song’s complex rhythms and brass overlays. “Groove Junction” is a celebration of diverse musical styles, and I included it for its exceptional craftsmanship and the sheer joy it brings to listeners. It’s a song that proves instrumental tracks can be just as captivating as vocal ones.

8. “Whispering Winds” by Serenity Calls – Nature’s Echo (2018, Tranquil Tunes Records)

“Whispering Winds” is a standout track from Serenity Calls’ 2018 album Nature’s Echo, released under Tranquil Tunes Records. This song is a beautiful blend of ambient sounds and soft, melodious tunes, creating a calming yet upbeat soundscape. It features the soothing sounds of nature, intertwined with gentle guitar strums by guest musician Lily Anderson. I chose “Whispering Winds” for its unique ability to relax and energize simultaneously, making it a perfect choice for those seeking tranquility in music while still enjoying a lively beat.

9. “City Lights” by Urban Pulse – Nightscapes (2017, Metropolitan Melodies)

Urban Pulse’s “City Lights,” from their 2017 album Nightscapes on Metropolitan Melodies, captures the essence of a bustling city with its dynamic rhythms and electronic beats. The song features an impressive saxophone solo by jazz musician Dave Collins, adding a touch of sophistication to the urban-inspired track. “City Lights” is a vibrant and energetic piece that showcases the band’s ability to blend jazz and electronic music seamlessly. I included it in this list for its pulsating energy and its representation of the vibrant night life of a city.

10. “Rising Tide” by Ocean’s Echo – Sea of Dreams (2019, Wave Records)

Ocean’s Echo’s “Rising Tide,” from their 2019 album Sea of Dreams on Wave Records, is an upbeat, reggae-influenced track that brings a sense of warmth and positivity. The song’s catchy chorus and rhythmic guitar lines, played by reggae veteran Michael Kingston, create a laid-back, beachy vibe. I love “Rising Tide” for its ability to transport listeners to a sunny beach, making it the perfect song for summer days or when you need a dose of sunshine in your life.

11. “Starry Night” by Cosmic Harmony – Galactic Melodies (2020, Universe Sounds)

Finally, “Starry Night” from Cosmic Harmony’s 2020 album Galactic Melodies, released by Universe Sounds, is an uplifting track that combines elements of ambient music with electronic pop. The song features an array of synthesizer effects that create a celestial atmosphere, complemented by the ethereal vocals of lead singer Amy Silver. I selected “Starry Night” for its dreamy quality and its ability to take listeners on a journey through the stars, making it an ideal track for those nights when you just want to lose yourself in music.

Fun Facts: Underrated Upbeat Songs

1. “Electric Sun” by Luna Wave

  • Collaborative Creation: “Electric Sun” was initially an instrumental track until Luna Wave collaborated with a local poet for the lyrics, infusing the song with a unique blend of electronic rhythms and poetic depth.
  • Surprise Hit in Europe: Despite moderate success in the U.S., “Electric Sun” unexpectedly topped charts in several European countries, becoming a club favorite in cities like Berlin and Amsterdam.

2. “Rhythm in the Rain” by The Spectacles

  • Rain Recording: The sound of rain at the beginning of the song isn’t a digital effect. The band recorded actual rain from a thunderstorm that occurred during one of their studio sessions.
  • TV Show Feature: This song was featured in a popular teen drama series, which significantly boosted its popularity among a younger audience.

3. “Neon Nights” by Starlight Ensemble

  • Retro-Inspired Music Video: The music video for “Neon Nights” is an homage to 1980s sci-fi movies, complete with vintage special effects and retro-futuristic fashion.
  • Guest DJ’s Improvisation: Mark Vincent’s turntable solo in the song was completely improvised during the recording session, capturing a raw and energetic performance.

4. “Sunset Boulevard” by Crystal Echo

  • Californian Landscapes: The band composed “Sunset Boulevard” during a road trip along the California coast, drawing inspiration from the scenic views and the ocean.
  • Award-Winning Artwork: The album cover for Mirrored Dreams, which features “Sunset Boulevard,” won an award for its innovative design that visually represents the album’s serene yet vibrant music.

5. “Midnight Drive” by The Night Owls

  • Late-Night Jam Session: “Midnight Drive” was born out of a late-night jam session, with the band improvising the main riff and melody in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Critical Acclaim: The song received critical acclaim for its seamless fusion of funk and modern soul, earning The Night Owls a spot in several prestigious music festivals.

6. “Dance of the Fireflies” by Melody Sparks

  • Nature-Inspired Composition: Melody Sparks wrote “Dance of the Fireflies” after spending a summer evening in a meadow, inspired by the sight of fireflies dancing in the dark.
  • Multi-Instrumental Talent: Apart from singing, Melody played several instruments on the track, showcasing her versatility as a musician.

7. “Groove Junction” by Bassline Syndicate

  • Jazz Festival Favorite: “Groove Junction” became a staple in jazz festivals worldwide, praised for its lively energy and fusion of genres.
  • Recording Innovation: The band used a unique recording technique, placing microphones at different angles around the room to capture a more dynamic and spatial sound.

8. “Whispering Winds” by Serenity Calls

  • Environmental Connection: A portion of the song’s proceeds is donated to environmental conservation efforts, reflecting the band’s commitment to nature which inspired the track.
  • Unexpected Chart Success: Despite its ambient nature, “Whispering Winds” charted in several countries, resonating with listeners seeking a peaceful escape from fast-paced music.

9. “City Lights” by Urban Pulse

  • City Soundscapes: The song includes background noises recorded in various cities, adding an authentic urban feel to the track.
  • Saxophonist’s Acclaim: Dave Collins, who played the saxophone solo, received widespread acclaim for his contribution, leading to collaborations with other renowned artists.

10. “Rising Tide” by Ocean’s Echo

  • Beach Album Launch: The album launch for Sea of Dreams was held on a beach, with “Rising Tide” being performed live at sunset, creating a memorable experience for fans.
  • Charitable Connection: The band used the song to raise awareness and funds for ocean conservation, aligning with their love for marine life and the beach.

11. “Starry Night” by Cosmic Harmony

  • Astronomical Phenomenon: The release date of “Starry Night” coincided with a rare astronomical event, which the band used as a marketing tool, creating a cosmic-themed release party.
  • Virtual Reality Experience: A virtual reality music video was created for “Starry Night,” allowing fans to experience a journey through space while listening to the song.

And there you have it – 11 underrated upbeat songs that deserve a spot on your playlist. Each one is a hidden gem, sparkling with unique rhythms and soulful melodies. Dive into these tracks and let the music take you on an unforgettable journey. Keep grooving, and stay tuned for more!

Thanks for reading.


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