11 Underrated Twenty One Pilots Songs

11 Underrated Twenty One Pilots Songs: Top Songs

11 Underrated Twenty One Pilots Songs: Top Songs

Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts and DJs! It’s TBone here from Level Tunes, and today I’ve got something special for you. As a die-hard fan of Twenty One Pilots, I’ve spent countless hours diving into their discography, and it struck me how many of their songs don’t get the recognition they truly deserve.

So, I decided to put together a list of 11 underrated Twenty One Pilots tracks that are absolute gems.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just getting into their music, these songs showcase the depth and versatility of the duo’s talent. From the intricate lyrics to the eclectic soundscapes, each song tells a unique story.

Let’s dive into these hidden treasures and explore the lesser-known side of Twenty One Pilots, shall we?

Here are the underrated Twenty One Pilots songs that you can check out:

List Of Underrated Twenty One Pilots Songs

Underrated Twenty One Pilots songs in a list format:

1. Taxi Cab (Album: “Twenty One Pilots,” 2009, Fueled by Ramen)

“Taxi Cab” is a hauntingly beautiful track from their self-titled debut album, released in 2009 under Fueled by Ramen. This song stands out due to its poetic lyrics and the minimalistic piano-driven melody. Tyler Joseph’s introspective lyrics delve into themes of redemption and hope, layered over a delicate piano that later crescendos into a rhythmic ensemble. The inclusion of a string trio towards the end adds a classical touch, making it a unique piece in their catalog. I chose this song because it showcases the raw, unfiltered creativity of Twenty One Pilots before they hit the mainstream spotlight.

2. March to the Sea (Album: “Twenty One Pilots,” 2009, Fueled by Ramen)

From the same self-titled album, “March to the Sea” is another underrated gem. This song reflects the band’s early sound, with Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun delivering a profound narrative on conformity and the struggle to break free from it. The repetitive piano motif symbolizes the monotonous march, while the lyrics paint a vivid picture of inner turmoil and awakening. This track didn’t receive much attention, but its depth and storytelling are reasons enough for it to be on this list.

3. Anathema (Album: “Regional at Best,” 2011, Self-Released)

“Anathema” is from their second album, “Regional at Best,” which was self-released in 2011. This track is a masterclass in emotional intensity, blending rap verses with a chorus that hits hard. The song deals with personal demons and the struggle for self-identity, themes that resonate deeply with many of their fans. What makes “Anathema” stand out is its raw emotional energy and the seamless transition between rap and melody, a signature style of Twenty One Pilots.

4. Ruby (Album: “Regional at Best,” 2011, Self-Released)

“Ruby” is another track from “Regional at Best.” This song is dedicated to a young girl with Down syndrome, showcasing the band’s empathy and depth. The electronic elements mixed with heartfelt lyrics create a soundscape that’s both uplifting and poignant. The song’s message of seeing the beauty in everyone and celebrating differences is why I included it in this list. It’s a testament to the duo’s ability to connect on a deeper level with their audience.

5. Kitchen Sink (Album: “Regional at Best,” 2011, Self-Released)

“Kitchen Sink” from “Regional at Best” is a fan favorite but remains underrated in the broader music community. This song is a complex blend of genres, with a mix of rap, rock, and a bit of everything else – hence the title. It’s about finding meaning in personal struggles, a theme that’s central to many of their songs. The inclusion of Tyler’s brother, Zack Joseph, on the rap verse adds a familial touch to the song. “Kitchen Sink” is a metaphorical masterpiece that deserves more recognition.

6. Forest (Album: “Regional at Best,” 2011, Self-Released)

“Forest” is yet another track from “Regional at Best.” This song captures the essence of Twenty One Pilots’ early sound – introspective lyrics, an upbeat tempo, and a chorus that sticks with you. It’s about the internal battle with mental health, a recurring theme in their music. The live performance of “Forest” is particularly noteworthy, with Tyler and Josh engaging the crowd in a way that turns the song into a communal experience. It’s a powerful piece that showcases their ability to connect with their audience on a personal level.

7. Lovely (Album: “Vessel,” 2013, Fueled by Ramen)

From their third studio album, “Vessel,” “Lovely” is a track that often goes unnoticed. This song is an uplifting anthem about self-worth and resilience. The upbeat tempo and catchy chorus contrast with the deeper message of struggling with self-image and finding strength. “Lovely” was re-recorded for “Vessel,” but it’s the raw energy of this version that makes it special. It’s a song that embodies the band’s positive impact on its listeners.

8. The Pantaloon (Album: “Twenty One Pilots,” 2009, Fueled by Ramen)

“The Pantaloon” from their debut album is a quirky yet profound track. It explores themes of aging and the inevitable changes that come with it. The song combines a whimsical melody with lyrics that delve deep into the human psyche, reflecting on how age can affect one’s perception of the world. The choice of the title, a reference to a comical character in theater, adds to the song’s layered meanings. It’s a brilliant example of how Twenty One Pilots can blend light-hearted tunes with serious themes.

9. Be Concerned (Album: “Regional at Best,” 2011, Self-Released)

“Be Concerned” from “Regional at Best” is a track that features guest vocals from Jocef, adding a unique flavor to the song. The track stands out for its blend of hip-hop and indie elements. Lyrically, it’s a conversation about faith and doubt, showcasing the band’s willingness to tackle complex and personal topics. The addition of Jocef’s rap provides a contrasting perspective, making it a compelling listen and a standout track in their early discography.

10. Trapdoor (Album: “Twenty One Pilots,” 2009, Fueled by Ramen)

“Trapdoor” from their debut album is a song that resonates due to its emotional depth. The haunting melody, combined with Tyler’s expressive vocals, creates a chilling atmosphere. The lyrics, dealing with themes of depression and isolation, are powerful and thought-provoking. This song is a perfect example of how Twenty One Pilots can convey deep emotions through their music, making it an essential track for anyone looking to explore their earlier work.

11. Air Catcher (Album: “Twenty One Pilots,” 2009, Fueled by Ramen)

Lastly, “Air Catcher” from their first album is a song that shouldn’t be overlooked. This track stands out with its blend of electronic and rock elements, showcasing the band’s diverse musical range. The lyrics, about guarding one’s heart and the fear of vulnerability, are relatable and poignant. The chorus is particularly catchy, making it a song that stays with you long after you’ve heard it. “Air Catcher” is a testament to the band’s ability to create music that is both emotionally resonant and musically diverse.

Fun Facts: Underrated Twenty One Pilots Songs

1. Taxi Cab

  • Fun Fact: “Taxi Cab” includes a rare instance of Tyler Joseph incorporating spoken word poetry into a song. This element adds a distinctive narrative style that’s not commonly found in their other tracks.

2. March to the Sea

  • Fun Fact: The repetitive piano riff in “March to the Sea” is a deliberate musical choice to reflect the song’s theme of monotony and conformity. It’s a subtle but effective way of using music to enhance the storytelling.

3. Anathema

  • Fun Fact: “Anathema” is actually a reworking of an earlier song by Twenty One Pilots called “Blasphemy,” which Tyler Joseph recorded before the band was formed. This shows the evolution of their music and Tyler’s songwriting.

4. Ruby

  • Fun Fact: The song “Ruby” is named after a real girl with Down syndrome whom Tyler Joseph met while working at a church camp. The song is a tribute to her and a message about recognizing the beauty in everyone.

5. Kitchen Sink

  • Fun Fact: The term “kitchen sink” in the song represents something that is of personal significance but might seem trivial to others. Tyler has famously said in interviews that he won’t reveal the personal meaning behind the kitchen sink, encouraging fans to find their own meaning in it.

6. Forest

  • Fun Fact: “Forest” is known for its crowd interaction during live performances, particularly the chant in the bridge section. This interaction creates a sense of community among fans, which is a hallmark of Twenty One Pilots’ concerts.

7. Lovely

  • Fun Fact: “Lovely” was originally released in 2011 as part of their “Regional at Best” album but was re-recorded for “Vessel.” The re-recorded version features a more polished sound, highlighting the band’s growth over time.

8. The Pantaloon

  • Fun Fact: The song title “The Pantaloon” refers to a stock character in commedia dell’arte, an early form of professional theatre originating from Italy. This character is typically an old man who is ridiculed for being out of touch, which ties into the song’s theme of aging.

9. Be Concerned

  • Fun Fact: “Be Concerned” features a rare collaboration with another artist, Jocef, who is actually a friend of Tyler Joseph from his high school days. This collaboration adds a personal touch to the song.

10. Trapdoor

  • Fun Fact: “Trapdoor” is often interpreted by fans as a metaphor for hiding one’s true feelings and the fear of exposing one’s vulnerabilities to others. This theme of emotional concealment resonates deeply with many listeners.

11. Air Catcher

  • Fun Fact: In “Air Catcher,” the use of the autoharp is a unique musical choice for the band. This instrument adds a distinctive sound to the song, differentiating it from other tracks on the album.

And there you have it, folks – a deep dive into 11 underrated Twenty One Pilots songs that deserve more spotlight. Each track has its unique charm, telling a story that resonates on a personal level. Dive into these tunes and experience the musical journey Twenty One Pilots offers.

Thanks for reading.


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