11 Underrated Punjabi Songs

11 Underrated Punjabi Songs: EST Kept Secrets

11 Underrated Punjabi Songs: EST Kept Secrets

Hey there, music enthusiasts! It’s TBone here from Level Tunes, your go-to DJ and music aficionado. Today, I’m super excited to share something a little different – a handpicked list of 11 underrated Punjabi songs.

Why Punjabi songs, you ask? Well, as a DJ, I’ve always been mesmerized by the vibrant energy and soulful melodies that Punjabi music brings to the table.

Yet, it often flies under the radar, overshadowed by mainstream hits. So, I decided it’s high time these hidden gems got the spotlight they deserve.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the genre, these tracks are sure to add some spice to your playlist. Let’s dive into the world of rhythmic dhol beats and heartwarming lyrics – get ready to discover your next favorite song!

Here are the Underrated Punjabi songs that you can check out:

List Of Underrated Punjabi Songs

Underrated Punjabi songs in a list format:

1. “Heer” by Satinder Sartaaj (Album: Rangrez, 2014, Label: Firdaus Productions)

“Heer,” performed by the poetic genius Satinder Sartaaj, is from his 2014 album “Rangrez.” This song is a beautiful rendition of the classic Punjabi tale of Heer-Ranjha, infused with Sartaaj’s soulful voice and poignant lyrics. Released under Firdaus Productions, it’s a masterpiece that showcases the depth of Punjabi folklore. The reason I chose this song is its ability to transcend time, connecting listeners to the heart of Punjabi culture. The use of traditional instruments alongside Satinder’s emotive vocals makes it a cultural treasure, often overlooked in the rush of pop-centric Punjabi music.

2. “Jind Mahi” by Kulbir Jhinjer (Album: Rakhwan Kota, 2013, Label: Vehli Janta Records)

Kulbir Jhinjer’s “Jind Mahi” from the album “Rakhwan Kota” (2013) is a testament to his storytelling prowess. Released under Vehli Janta Records, this song tells a tale of love and longing with a rustic charm. Jhinjer’s deep voice, combined with the soul-stirring lyrics, paints a vivid picture of rural Punjab. I chose this song for its authentic representation of Punjabi culture, far from the glitz of modern beats, yet so powerful in its simplicity. The blend of traditional music and Kulbir’s narrative style creates a heart-touching melody that deserves more recognition.

3. “Paani” by Yuvraj Hans (Album: Single, 2015, Label: Rhythm Boyz)

Yuvraj Hans’s “Paani” is a single released in 2015 under Rhythm Boyz label. This song is a blend of contemporary and classical Punjabi music, making it unique. Yuvraj’s voice conveys the emotions of love and loss beautifully. The reason behind choosing this song is its modern approach to traditional themes, showcasing how Punjabi music is evolving. The fusion of modern rhythms with Punjabi lyrics creates a refreshing sound that has been underrated in the music industry.

4. “Rabb Karke” by Nishawn Bhullar & Nimrat Khaira (Album: Single, 2015, Label: Panj-aab Records)

“Rabb Karke,” a duet by Nishawn Bhullar and Nimrat Khaira, was released as a single in 2015 under Panj-aab Records. The song’s heartfelt lyrics about unrequited love, combined with the duo’s harmonious vocals, make it a hidden gem. I chose this track for its emotional depth and the perfect blend of two powerful voices. The song exemplifies how Punjabi music can beautifully express complex emotions, making it a must-listen for those who appreciate depth in lyrics.

5. “Kali Jotta” by Ammy Virk (Album: Nikka Zaildar, 2016, Label: Speed Records)

Ammy Virk’s “Kali Jotta” from the 2016 movie album “Nikka Zaildar” is a vibrant track released under Speed Records. This song stands out for its energetic beats and Virk’s dynamic vocal performance. The reason for picking this track is its infectious energy and how it captures the essence of Punjabi celebrations. Its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it a perfect dance number, often overlooked among mainstream hits.

6. “Kismat” by Diljit Dosanjh (Album: Punjab 1984, 2014, Label: Speed Records)

“Kismat” by Diljit Dosanjh, from the 2014 album “Punjab 1984,” is a poignant track released under Speed Records. This song, set against the backdrop of the 1984 Punjab unrest, showcases Diljit’s ability to portray deep emotions through his music. I chose this song for its historical relevance and the soulful rendition by Dosanjh. It’s a moving piece that not only entertains but also educates listeners about a significant period in Punjab’s history.

7. “Tamanna” by Prabh Gill (Album: Single, 2018, Label: Prabh Gill Music)

Prabh Gill’s “Tamanna” is a single released in 2018 under his own label, Prabh Gill Music. This song is a beautiful blend of modern beats and romantic lyrics, showcasing Gill’s versatility as an artist. The reason for selecting “Tamanna” is its melodic tune and the way it resonates with the youth. Prabh’s voice adds a touch of soulfulness to the track, making it a delightful listen for those who enjoy contemporary Punjabi music.

8. “Supna” by Amrinder Gill (Album: Single, 2015, Label: Rhythm Boyz)

“Supna” by Amrinder Gill, a single released in 2015 under Rhythm Boyz, is a melodious track that talks about dreams and aspirations. The song features Amrinder’s soothing voice, which adds depth to the emotive lyrics. I chose “Supna” for its lyrical beauty and the way it inspires listeners to chase their dreams. It’s a motivational song that uplifts the spirit, making it a significant yet underrated piece in Punjabi music.

9. “Qismat” by Ammy Virk (Album: Single, 2017, Label: Speed Records)

Ammy Virk’s “Qismat” is a single released in 2017 under Speed Records. This emotionally charged song tells a story of love and destiny. The reason for choosing “Qismat” is its narrative style and Virk’s impactful vocal delivery. The song has gained popularity but remains underrated in terms of its storytelling and emotional depth. It’s a track that tugs at the heartstrings, showcasing the versatility of Punjabi music.

10. “Bapu Zimidar” by Jassi Gill (Album: Replay – The Return of Melody, 2014, Label: Speed Records)

Jassi Gill’s “Bapu Zimidar” from the 2014 album “Replay – The Return of Melody” is a peppy track released under Speed Records. This song stands out for its lively melody and relatable lyrics about the joys and struggles of everyday life. I picked this song for its catchy tune and the way it connects with the younger generation. Jassi Gill’s energetic performance makes it a fun and underrated track in the Punjabi music scene.

11. “Mann Bharrya” by B Praak (Album: Single, 2017, Label: Speed Records)

B Praak’s “Mann Bharrya,” released as a single in 2017 under Speed Records, is a soul-stirring track that delves into the complexities of love and heartbreak. I chose this song for B Praak’s powerful vocal execution and the emotional depth of the lyrics. It’s a song that beautifully captures the essence of heartache, making it a relatable and underrated masterpiece in Punjabi music. The combination of B Praak’s voice and the lyrical genius makes “Mann Bharrya” a must-listen.

Fun Facts: Underrated Punjabi Songs

“Heer” by Satinder Sartaaj

  • Cross-Cultural Appeal: “Heer” is not just popular in Punjab but has also found a fan base internationally. Satinder Sartaaj, known for his poetic style, has performed this song in various countries, connecting with audiences who appreciate Sufi music.
  • Literary Foundation: The song is based on the legendary Punjabi folklore of Heer-Ranjha, showcasing Sartaaj’s ability to modernize classic tales through his music.

“Jind Mahi” by Kulbir Jhinjer

  • Authentic Representation: “Jind Mahi” is praised for its portrayal of rural Punjab life. Kulbir Jhinjer, known for his deep voice and storytelling, has a background in agriculture, which adds authenticity to his songs about village life.
  • Educational Background: Interestingly, Jhinjer started his career as a teacher, which influences his thoughtful and educational lyricism.

“Paani” by Yuvraj Hans

  • Legacy of Talent: Yuvraj Hans is the son of the famous Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans, and “Paani” showcases his successful effort to carve out his own identity in the Punjabi music industry.
  • Cinematic Connections: Yuvraj is also an actor, and this dual talent adds a dramatic flair to his songs, including “Paani.”

“Rabb Karke” by Nishawn Bhullar & Nimrat Khaira

  • Duet Chemistry: The song’s success is partly attributed to the remarkable chemistry between Nishawn Bhullar and Nimrat Khaira, who were relatively new in the industry at the time.
  • Rising Star: Nimrat Khaira, later known for her solo tracks, gained significant recognition through this duet, showcasing her versatility as a singer.

“Kali Jotta” by Ammy Virk

  • Film Connection: “Kali Jotta” is part of the soundtrack for the Punjabi film “Nikka Zaildar,” in which Ammy Virk also played the lead role, demonstrating his skills as a multifaceted artist.
  • Dance Favorite: The song is a popular choice at Punjabi weddings and cultural events, known for its lively beats.

“Kismat” by Diljit Dosanjh

  • Historical Context: “Kismat” is set against the backdrop of the 1984 Punjab unrest, making it a song with deep historical and emotional layers.
  • Actor-Singer: Diljit Dosanjh, also a renowned actor, brings a cinematic quality to his songs, including “Kismat,” which adds to their depth and appeal.

“Tamanna” by Prabh Gill

  • Self-Produced Success: “Tamanna” was released under Prabh Gill’s own music label, showcasing his ability not just as a singer but also as an entrepreneur in the music industry.
  • Romantic Ballad: The song is known for its romantic theme, and Prabh Gill’s smooth vocals make it a favorite among those who enjoy love songs.

“Supna” by Amrinder Gill

  • Emotional Depth: “Supna” is known for its emotional depth and is often used in playlists meant for introspection or relaxation.
  • Versatile Artist: Besides singing, Amrinder Gill has acted in several Punjabi films, bringing a narrative quality to his songs.

“Qismat” by Ammy Virk

  • Cinematic Spin-off: The popularity of “Qismat” led to the making of a Punjabi movie with the same name, starring Ammy Virk, which was a box office hit.
  • Award-Winning: The song won several awards, recognizing Ammy Virk’s emotional and vocal prowess.

“Bapu Zimidar” by Jassi Gill

  • Youthful Appeal: “Bapu Zimidar” became an anthem among the younger generation for its relatable lyrics and catchy music.
  • Rapid Fame: The song played a significant role in catapulting Jassi Gill to fame, making him one of the prominent young voices in Punjabi music.

“Mann Bharrya” by B Praak

  • Viral Hit: “Mann Bharrya” went viral on various social media platforms, gaining B Praak immense popularity beyond the Punjabi music sphere.
  • Emotional Resonance: The song is known for its emotional resonance, often cited by fans as a track that helps them through heartbreaks and emotional turmoil.

That’s a wrap on our musical journey through Punjab! These 11 songs, each a unique gem, showcase the rich diversity and emotional depth of Punjabi music. From soulful ballads to energetic beats, there’s something here for every music lover. Dive in, explore, and let these underrated tracks resonate with your heart and soul.

Thanks for reading.


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