11 Sad Ariana Grande Songs

11 Sad Ariana Grande Songs: Ariana’s Saddest

11 Sad Ariana Grande Songs: Ariana’s Saddest

Hey fellow DJs and music lovers, it’s TBone here, the heart and soul behind Level Tunes.

With over 20 years in the music industry, I’ve spun tracks from every genre you can imagine. But there’s something about the emotive power of pop that always brings me back.

Today, I’m diving deep into the soul-stirring world of Ariana Grande with a list of 11 sad songs that showcase her incredible talent and emotional depth. Why Ariana, you ask?

Well, amidst the bops and high notes, her ability to convey heartache and longing is unparalleled.

Each song I’ve chosen resonates with me personally, reminding us all that music is a universal language of emotion. Join me as we explore the tracks that have touched hearts worldwide, including my own. Let’s get ready to experience the beauty of sadness through Ariana’s voice.

Here are the sad Ariana Grande songs that you can check out:

List Of Sad Ariana Grande Songs

Sad Ariana Grande songs in a list format:


“Ghostin” is a track from Ariana Grande’s 2019 album, “Thank U, Next,” released under Republic Records. This song stands out for its ethereal production and heart-wrenching lyrics that delve into the complexities of grieving a past lover while being in a new relationship. What makes “Ghostin” so poignant is Ariana’s vulnerability in expressing her sorrow and guilt. The orchestral backdrop, combined with her soft, emotive vocals, creates a haunting atmosphere that captures the listener’s heart. I chose this song because it showcases Ariana’s strength in using her music as a form of emotional catharsis, and it’s a beautiful testament to her growth as an artist.


Released in 2018 as part of her “Thank U, Next” album under Republic Records, “Imagine” is a bittersweet song that paints a picture of a love that’s too good to be true. Ariana’s powerful vocals, paired with the dreamy and soft R&B beat, evoke a sense of longing for an idealized relationship that can never be. The song’s lyrical depth, exploring themes of vulnerability and the pain of an unattainable perfect love, resonates deeply. I admire “Imagine” for its ability to blend vocal prowess with emotional storytelling, making it a standout track in Ariana’s discography.

My Everything

“My Everything,” the title track of her 2014 album released under Republic Records, is a poignant ballad that showcases a different side of Ariana’s musical talent. The simplicity of the piano accompaniment allows her voice to shine through, conveying a sense of loss and yearning to mend a broken relationship. The emotional rawness of this song, coupled with its lyrical sincerity, touches on the universal experience of seeking closure and healing. I find “My Everything” incredibly moving because it demonstrates the power of music to connect with the deepest parts of our souls.


From her 2019 “Thank U, Next” album, “Needy” is a song that captures the complexity of needing affection and the vulnerability it brings. Its minimalistic production, featuring soft beats and a gentle melody, complements Ariana’s vocal delivery perfectly, highlighting the song’s introspective lyrics. “Needy” stands out to me because it’s relatable—it speaks to the insecurities and emotional demands we all face in relationships. Ariana’s ability to express these feelings in such a raw and honest manner is why this song is on my list.

Better Off

“Better Off” is a track from Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album, “Sweetener,” released in 2018 under Republic Records. This song delves into the realization that sometimes, walking away from a relationship is the healthiest option. The soft, ethereal beats paired with Ariana’s tender vocals create a reflective and introspective mood. What I appreciate about “Better Off” is its mature approach to a breakup, emphasizing self-love and personal growth. Ariana’s lyrical prowess in articulating such a complex decision is both admirable and deeply moving.

Goodnight N Go

“Goodnight N Go,” featured on the “Sweetener” album (2018), is a delightful yet melancholic reinterpretation of Imogen Heap’s original track. Ariana adds her own twist with lush production and her signature vocal runs, transforming the song into a bittersweet anthem of longing and unrequited love. The juxtaposition of its upbeat tempo with the longing lyrics captures the frustrating feeling of wanting someone you can’t have. I love this track for its emotional complexity, showcased through Ariana’s impeccable vocal execution and the innovative production.

Fake Smile

A track from her “Thank U, Next” album, “Fake Smile” stands out for its honest lyrics about the pressures of fame and the importance of staying true to oneself. What strikes me about this song is its blend of R&B with a touch of soul, underpinned by samples from Wendy Rene’s classic “After Laughter (Comes Tears).” Ariana’s vocal delivery, raw and genuine, perfectly captures the song’s message of refusing to pretend everything is okay. “Fake Smile” resonates because it’s a reminder of the strength it takes to show one’s true emotions in a world that often demands a façade.

In My Head

“In My Head” is a track from the “Thank U, Next” album that combines a catchy beat with introspective lyrics about the disillusionment of falling in love with the idea of someone, rather than their reality. The song features Ariana’s smooth vocals over a hip-hop

-inflected beat, creating a soundscape that’s both engaging and reflective. What makes “In My Head” particularly compelling is how it delves into the cognitive dissonance experienced in a relationship, where one’s perception doesn’t match the reality of who their partner is. I’m drawn to this song for its lyrical honesty and the way it showcases Ariana’s ability to navigate complex emotional landscapes with her music. It’s a reminder of the power of self-awareness and the courage it takes to confront our own misconceptions and vulnerabilities.

No Tears Left to Cry

Released in 2018 as part of her “Sweetener” album under Republic Records, “No Tears Left to Cry” marks a pivotal moment in Ariana Grande’s career, blending pop with a touch of R&B to create an anthem of resilience and optimism. The song’s uplifting message, paired with its innovative production, offers a sense of hope and renewal following a period of personal and public challenges. What I admire about “No Tears Left to Cry” is not just its catchy melody and impressive vocal range, but also its underlying theme of finding strength and joy in the face of adversity. Ariana’s ability to convey such a powerful message while keeping listeners engaged and uplifted is why this song is a must-include on this list.


“Breathin,” another standout track from the “Sweetener” album, tackles the subject of anxiety and the struggle to find peace amidst chaos. The song’s driving beat and Ariana’s powerful vocals create an anthem for anyone battling with their own thoughts and seeking solace in the breaths we take. What resonates with me about “Breathin” is its message of perseverance and the reminder that sometimes, the simplest act of breathing can be the most grounding and healing. Ariana’s personal connection to the song’s theme, coupled with her ability to make such a universal experience feel deeply personal, is why “Breathin” holds a special place in her discography and in my heart.

Get Well Soon

Closing out this list with “Get Well Soon” from the “Sweetener” album, this song serves as a beautiful, uplifting finale. It’s a soulful ballad dedicated to healing and self-care, addressing themes of mental health and the importance of taking time to recover. The song’s spacious arrangement and gentle piano accompaniment allow Ariana’s message of support and solidarity to shine through. I chose “Get Well Soon” for its heartfelt sincerity and the comfort it offers to listeners. Ariana’s commitment to addressing mental health openly, combined with her soothing vocals, makes this track a powerful reminder of the healing power of music.

Fun Facts: Sad Ariana Grande Songs


  • Inspiration: The song is believed to be inspired by Ariana’s feelings for her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, while she was engaged to Pete Davidson.


  • Vocal Range: Ariana showcases an impressive five-octave vocal range in “Imagine,” hitting the whistle register with ease.

My Everything

  • Personal Touch: Ariana has mentioned that recording “My Everything” was an emotional process, as it touched on personal loss.


  • Fan Favorite: Despite not being released as a single, “Needy” quickly became a fan favorite for its relatable lyrics and minimalistic production.

Better Off

  • Secret Message: Fans speculate that “Better Off” contains hidden messages about Ariana’s decision to end a toxic relationship for her well-being.

Diving into Ariana Grande’s discography reveals not just her incredible vocal talent but also her deep emotional resonance. These songs and their stories connect us, reminding us of the power of music to heal, to uplift, and to understand.

Thanks for reading.


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